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The Most Disturbing Case Mod EVER

Bookmark this post. Whenever you're feeling down, feeling that your life is worth nothing, or trapped under a rock opting to die of dehydration instead of freeing yourself by severing your leg with your trusty pocketknife, reload this entry and take comfort in the fact that you are not responsible for the most disturbing PC case mod of all time. Do not give up. You have never been this low. Oh, sure, there may be some maladjusted son of a bitch out there working on an aborted fetus case mod, but until he puts pictures of said handiwork online, this one reigns supreme.

Not only is it a life-size replica of a cartoon character—Leela from Futurama—it has poseable legs, a removable thumb drive (in the removable thumb!) and a Web cam installed in the single oversized eyeball.

Yes, it is an inspired follow up to a very suitable and admirable Bender case mod project, but, people, some things must remain only inside your head.





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